Welcome to The Shackles

Your days of labouring under the cruel yoke of Captain Harrigan and his officers are over. In command of your own vessel, the seas are yours to explore and conquer. The Fever Sea is ripe with fat merchant ships waiting to be plucked, their cargo’s paying for better armaments and fiercer crew.

The Shackles are a maze of islands, channels and shipping lanes. But don’t forget that other captains ply the maze of the shackles, hunting their own prey. It is best that you proceed cautiously, snapping at the outskirts lest the hunters become the hunted!



In the Wiki section you will find special rules for playing in a pirate campaign, including weapons, equipment, magic items and rules for ship combat. Also there are references relevent to the campaign such as the crew’s pirate charter and the current ship roster. Details are also given of the party’s fame and infamy, which ports they have discovered and how they are viewed in those ports.

In the Adventure Log you will read accounts of the players experiences. Posting an account in the log gains you a bonus reward from the DM.

Characters describes the NPCs and adversaries you have met in your travels. This can inculde some of the strange beasts you have defeated!

Maps charts your exploration of the Shackles – with your route charted.

Enjoy the Skull and Shackles. Yo Ho, Yo Ho, Its A Pirates Life For Me!

The Skull and Shackles

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