Ship to Ship Combat (WIP)

Fire As She Bears

1- Determine if the ship upwind can Claim the Weather Gauge
2 – Every player Roll for Initiative twice. Normal and Naval
3 – Perform Actions in order of initiative, highest to lowest
4 – Apply the Effects of Damage and destroyed locations
5 – Count casualties
6 – Move crewmen between locations
7 – If a ship stole the weather gauge, apply bonuses
8 – Repeat 3 – 7 each round until combat is resolved

Claim the Weather Gauge

The weather gauge reprents having the advantage of being upwind and using it to control the fight. The navigator of the most upwind ship rolls makes a DC 20 Profession (sailor) check to claim the weather gauge. He can’t try again until another ship had it and lost it. The ship gains the following benefits…

  • Officers gain +2 to Naval Initiative checks
  • Ship gains a +2 speed bonus
  • The manoeuvrability of the ship with the gauge increases by 1
  • All attacks by the ship gain a +1 circumstance bonus to attack rolls.

Steal the gauge from the enemy by positioning the ship upwind, and making a DC 25 profession (sailor) check once upwind.

Roll for Initiative x2

Roll a second initiative for naval actions using the following stat instead of Dexterity

  • Captain = Charisma
  • Naviagator = Intelligence or Wisdom
  • Chaplain = Wisdom or Charisma
  • Surgeon = Intelligence or Wisdom
  • Mate = Intelligence, Wisdom or Charisma

Perform Actions

Each officer including the captain can take one action each round (including some special ones for each officer role).

Extinguish Fires (Mate): Lead crew to extinguish a fire. DC 20 Reflex Save with every 5 points of success reducing the 5 round time by 1 round. Failure by 5 causes the crew 2d6 fire damage.

Fire the Cannon (Mate): Choose hull location, rigging location or crew in specific location. For each cannon make an attack roll using mates BAB + Dex mod -4 for moving vehicle. Add any cannon related feats such as weapon focus.

General Orders (Captain): Direct up to 20 matess

Grapple a Ship (Mate): Within 50 ft, makes a CMB for the ship against the ships CMD. Can then be boarded. If grappled, can’t turn or flee without first breaking the grapple.

Inspiration (Captain): Give a rousing speech to inspire the crew during combat.

Lead a Boarding Party (Mate or Captain): Take a band of 20 men onto the enemy ship, there they engage. Make an intimidate, diplomacy or Inspire courage. A successful check grants +1 morale bonus to attack and damage, or -1 to enemy crew as appropriate.

Position Crew. Move crew from location to location. Can order 20 crew to follow him to a location and then take an action. May move run speed divided by 20 locations.

Reload a Cannon: takes time listed under cannons. Takes one more round for every crew member down.

Repairs (Mate): Take Knowledge (Engineering) or Craft (Ship builder), DC 15 allows repairs made in 2 rounds, restoring 5d6 hp to the location. For every 5 points extra the crew repairs andother 1d6 damage up to a maximum of 10d6. Restored hit points last only 24 hours until more stringent work can be done.

Ships Movement (Navigator): Make naval tactical movements. Raise or lower sails to affect ships speed. He can make sailing checks to change course. A ship must move at least one square forward to make use of one of these manoeuvres.
- Sudden slow (DC 15) reduce speed to 1/2 normal -1 for every 5 points you beat DC
- Sudden accelerate (DC 15) increase speed to maximum.
- 45 Degree turn (DC 15) spend 2 speed to turn 45 degrees, failure requires 4 speed used
- 90 Degree turn (DC 20) spend 3 speed to turn 90 degrees, failure requires 6 speed used.
- 180 Degree turn (DC 30) spend 4 speed to turn 180 degrees. Failure = capsize
Speed is based on base speed (doubled “with the wind” up to 45 degrees of wind direction or halved when close hauled – against the wind 45 to 90 degrees) Can’t travel directly against the wind (In irons)

• Clumsy manoeuvrability ships suffer -10 to profession sailor checks, Poor suffer -5, Average +0

• Light winds 1/2 sail speeds. Strong winds apply a -2 to Profession (sailor) checks. Severe winds apply -4 to profession sailor checks and can multiply ships speed by 1.5 on a DC 20 Profession (Sailor) check

Take Unawares (Captain): During combat, a Captain tries to get the upper hand on the opposing Captain. To catch the opposing captain unawares Captains make opposed Profession (sailor) checks. Defending captain gains a +10 circumstance bonus to this. Can then make a special attack.

Water Bailing (Mate): When a ship starts to take on water, a mate and crewman sets up a bucket brigade. Can bail 500 gallons a minute, enough to buy the repair crew a little time.

Apply Effects of Damage

Reduce Dex, AC, CMD ( manoeuvrability if appropriate) and speed by 1 for each destroyed Rigging Location

Reduce Str by 1 for each hull location, it can’t support its normal function e.g. gun decks, galley etc.

A destroyed Hull location causes the Below the Waterline location to drop to 50% of hp. It starts to take on 1,000 lbs of water per minute. If it already had less than 50% reduce it to 25% of HP and it begins to take on 5,000 lb per minute. If it was already less than 25% it is reduced to 0 HP and then takes on 5,000 lbs per round.

Water weight adds to the weight of the ship. As water is added to the weight limit the following effects occur
1. 20% Ship rides low, reduce speed by 1
2. 40% Ship rides very low, lowest hull location are below water, speed reduced by 3
3. 60% Only the deck is above water, ship is unable to move
4. 80% Only upper half of shups rigging are above water
5. 100% The ship goes to the bottom.

After battle a DC 20 Knowledge (Engineering) or Craft (Shipbuilder) allows 1d3 days spent rebuilding to restore 1/2 a location’s HP. This lasts until reaching a shipbuilding yard.

Count Casualties

If crew drop below the minimum required to crew an area, crew can be assigned to roles as needed. Each area requires 3 crew to maintain its effect, rigging and hull. Less than this means the location doesn’t add it’s benefit to the ship.

Ship to Ship Combat (WIP)

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