Ishmael Pequod

Ships Master of the Last Laugh


Ishamel was once the most famous shipbuilder in Absolom, if not all the inner sea. He was contracted to build a ship for Kerdak Bonefist, capable of standing up to a Chelaxian ship of the line. The Filthy Lucre was his result, a 36 cannon warship capable of taking on any other shup in the shackles.

To prevent him building another ship to rival his, but to keep him safe in case he was needed again, Kerdak had Ishmael imprisoned on Tidewater rock. An annual stipend of 2,000 gc would keep him safely under lock and key and away from others.

The party freed Ishmael, though his thirty years of imprisonment have left him weak and a little unhinged. He has an idea to build a ship as strong as Bonefist’s but far more manouverable, if only he can source a large enough supply of darkwood.


Ishmael Pequod

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