Ambrose Kroop

Quartermaster aboard the Last Laugh


Ambrose Kroop was once the cook aboard The Wormwood. A depressive drunk he had a soft spot for young Henry Avery who was press ganged as his cooks assistant. Spending most of his time deep in a bottle he climbed out when Mister Plugg left Avery, Blackmatch and Tua’tara no choice but to mutiny.

Ambrose has a wealth of experience both aboard ship and of the ports of the shackles. Rumour says he once owned and ran a restaurant in Port Peril but somehow ended in Captain Barnabus Harrigan’s debt. Twelve years of apathy, under-resource and contempt from the officers of the Wormword nearly broke his spirit. He sees in the PCs the hope of a brighter future. A motivated crew that drives to the same goal andofficers that lead by example rather than through fear. Ambrose’s advice is available to help steer the PCs through the dangers of the shackles … and he hasn’t lost a day to booze since.


Ambrose Kroop

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