1. Alicia Foxglove

The Witch of Tidewater Rock


Alicia Stormborn sighed as she rose from her bed, and washed in the cold water of the bowl in her chamber. It was four nights now since that pig, Royster had used her last, and once more her courage had failed her from slitting his throat as he slept. He had hurt her before, and would do so again. She was tough, but not tough enough to face him down.

She looked at her body in the full length mirror. She knew how beautiful she was: bards had sung of her, men desired her, some women desired her too. Alicia swung her Raven dark hair, and admired her lithe body, her smooth shapely legs, her cute shapely butt and her small breasts. Her skin was tanned and perfect, and she examined the strange tattoos, inscribed by the witch of the moors. The treasure map that made her desirable, the twirling abstract that fortified her from physical harm, the dream catcher that protected her from fear, the blade on her left arm that protected her from physical harm, the stormcloud that allowed her to throw her shocking grasp and the mermaid above her left inner thigh that allowed her to swim as the sirens of the sea. Alicia thought she was perfect. Shame about her life situation!

She cast her mind back to Ianthe, the witch who had taught her magic, had inscribed her naked body with magical tattoos, had done plenty else to her naked body too. Her three months with the older girl had been amazing, but Alicia had wanted more than the uplands of Varisia, and they had parted. She still loved her in a way. Alicia was twenty now so Ianthe would be twenty five.

Then Absalom; greatest city of Golarion. Delicious pit of intrigue with money to steal, fools to exploit, fun, music, easy drugs, easier sex. She loved Absalom, until the Daegarin scandal made it dangerous. Duke Adras Daegarin was the Chelaxian ambassador. Even Alicia wouldn’t go near someone that powerful, but his son, Evran was easy game to the seductive thief: he’d even wanted to buy her the expensive presents. Maybe seducing his younger sister, Layana, hadn’t been such a wise move, but the girl had been very pretty in that pale Chelaxian way.

She’d needed a fast ship out, and the dashing pirate captain had been a wonderful answer, not to mention a wonderful lover. Surely the Shackles were beyond the reach of angry Chelaxians? The pirate life had been fun too; she didn’t especially enjoy the fear of their targets, but that was life sadly, as long as it didn’t happen to her.

Maybe she’d even loved Bertrand a bit, but then it had all gone wrong and that creature Harrigan, abetted by the pig Royster had murdered him. They would die for that! And even worse, they ignored her wiles. They “fucked” her for their own enjoyment with no thought to hers, but showed no inclination of bowing to her will. It was so frustrating, and even a little scary.

Alicia hated to admit it, but it looked like she actually needed help…….


1. Alicia Foxglove

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